Special Advisor to the Minister of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment Jona Widhagdo Putri, Delivers an Academic Lecture at FNU


On the morning of May 18th, Dr. Jona Widhagdo Putri, Special Advisor to the minister of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, and Vice Secretary General of the China-Indonesia High-Level Dialogue Cooperation Mechanism, who came to Fuzhou for the 6th Maritime Silk Road Expo and the 25th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade, and her delegation visited the College of Sociology and History and the Indonesia Research Center of FNU. She was invited to deliver an academic lecture, entitled “The China-Indonesia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: A Case Study of the ‘Two Countries, Twin Parks’ Project between Fujian and Indonesia.” Professor Sun Jiandang, Associate Dean of the College of Sociology and History and Director of the Indonesia Research Center, chaired the lecture, whose attendees included some faculty and students from the College of Sociology and History and the College of International Education. 

Dr. Jona Widhagdo Putri is a researcher at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Indonesia and a part-time researcher at the Indonesia Research Center of FNU. Her main research interests are international political economy and diplomacy, with a focus on affairs of China, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Since 2010, she has taught courses on “China’s Foreign Policy”, “Developments in Southeast Asia”, and “Modern Diplomacy” at the University of Indonesia.

During the lecture, Dr. Jona Widhagdo Putri mainly introduced the basic situation of Indonesia from an economic and investment perspective, pointing out that Indonesia has enormous potential for development in areas such as infrastructure construction, renewable energy development, and value-added natural resource industries. At the same time, based on her work experience and insights in promoting the China-Indonesia economy, trade, education, and people-to-people exchanges in recent years, she focused on the background and significance of the “Two Countries, Twin Parks” Cooperation Project, which is implemented in Fujian. Dr. Jona Widhagdo Putri said that the project is a new flagship one for establishing an open, inclusive, and win-win comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia under the “Belt and Road” Initiative of China and the vision for “Global Maritime Fulcrum” of Indonesia, and that the project will further contribute to the construction and development of a China-Indonesia community with a shared future.

After the lecture, Dr. Jona Widhagdo Putri also had discussions and exchanges with the faculty and students present on issues such as people-to-people exchanges between China and Indonesia, exchange visits of young scholars and students, and talent demand for the implementation of the “Two Countries, Twin Parks” Cooperation Project between China and Indonesia, with an enthusiastic response. The lecture provided students with a more comprehensive understanding of the development of the China-Indonesia comprehensive strategic partnership, the economic and investment situation in Indonesia, and the construction of the project, which broadened their minds about research into Indonesia as a country, especially the study of China-Indonesia relations.


(Translated by Liu Wenjin/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)